Trick Photography Follow Up

Trick Photography Follow Up

Posted By Admin: 5/8/2012 9:08:10 AM.   Posted To Photographers / Photos That Sell

In my review of the Trick Photography package the other week, I mentioned that I wasn't sure how 'commercial' some of the techniques were. Well I got an answer to that question in the post today, with one of the same images appearing on the cover of a magazine I subscribe to.

The May issue of  New Internationalist has the image of a man's face superimposed on his hands for a cover of their issue on mental health. It was one of the images/techniques I was particulary impressed with, and a great example of how this material could be used.

You can check out the cover shot here ...

 And the Trick Photography and Special Effects package here ...

I guess it all makes sense ... the 'newer' buyers do tend to look for images they can drop straight into layouts, so maybe a few digitally enhanced variations of an image could increase it's sales potential?

What do you think?