A Quick Trick To Generate Multiple RSS Feeds

A Quick Trick To Generate Multiple RSS Feeds

Posted By Admin: 6/8/2011 4:22:42 PM.   Posted To Photographers / SEO For Photographers

Finding you haven't got a lot of RSS feeds to work with?

Here's a little trick to help you automate and leverage the process using a blogging site called www.Posterous.com

The short version is you can post to your Posterous Blog by email, and once you set it up, it will automatically repost those items to a host of other social media accounts

There's currently 26 different services listed and you can actually have multiple accounts in several of them, so in theory you could set up 30+ different accounts and have every blog post you write automatically posted to each of them!

That would be overkill though.

Social Media accounts work best when you use the service regularly and personally.

So what I'll suggest is that you only use this strategy to automate the work you'd be prepared to do manually. ie. Only post to the sites you actually visit regularly.

So to get started. Go take a look at the service, sign up - it's totally free and set up your blog.

You can added a couple of 'web pages' so adda bit of a bio and some sample images.  Make sure you link to your other website/pages and post a short article to your blog to test it out.

It's worth noting that the 'autoposts' will link back to your Posterous website, so you want to spend a little bit of time making sure that 1. looks fantastic and 2. has plenty of links back to your main website!

Make sure you use a relevant keyword phrase for your username. (Try and slip photos or images in there if you can!)

You have the option to use your own domain name if you like. If you do, you can register a domain here for about half the price of the service they offer!

Once you're all set up, have a look for the Add A Service button under the Autopost tab. That will open a list of all the social media accounts you can post to automatically.

Start with those you already use and set them up with permission to post to your account.

Then you can set up accounts on any other Social Media Services that interest you.

As you set up each of these sites, make sure you copy the relevant RSS feed URL to your plain text list.

When it comes submission time, there is little difference between submitting one feed URL or submitting 20, so it makes sense to get as many as possible set up and then complete the process just the once for all of them.