Submitting & Pinging Your RSS Feeds

Submitting & Pinging Your RSS Feeds

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OK you should have a small list of urls by now. Make sure they are 'complete' and include the http://. Some might have an XML suffix others an RSS suffix, but it's could be just about anything. As an example, here's a few from my Globaleye list:

Some might be quite lengthy. So be careful to only add one to each line.

Once you have your list, you have three options: manual submissions, a submission service or submission software.

Manual Submissions:

Most people aren't going to bother with this but I'd suggest that's an excellent reason for you do this at least once. Automatic submissions are great, but if you can get listed on sites/services that don't accept auto submissions, you're going to stand out from the crowd.

There's an excellent blog post below that lists the top 55 places to submit RSS Feeds and it's really worth getting your blog/rssfeed listed on each of those manually before you start.

There are some real gems in that lot, and getting listed on each of them would be a great return for a couple of hour's work!

Many of these sites will offer paid listings. They are quite cheap so it can look appealing, but mostly you'll find these sites have no PageRank to speak of. (If they do, a front page listing won't be cheap!)

So the best option might be to watch your traffic logs, and if one site stands out as sending you some quality traffic, consider an upgrade then.

Submission Services:

There are a number of services out there that will submit your RSS feeds to a large number of sites, some for free, some for a fee.

Generally speaking, I've always found these kinds of services a bit frustrating. The cheap or free services only submit to a handful of sites, while the more professional services cost as much as some decent submission software.

So personally, I'd prefer to pay once for a software submission program than pay every time for a service or try to combine several services. That said, if you prefer to out-source, there are a heap of good, fast submission services out there and it could be a good one-off option to get your website/feeds out there and listed.

Here's one that's pretty good value ... (50 submissions for $16.50)

As mentioned ,there are some free services out there if you prefer to go looking just do a Google search for 'Submit RSS Feed' and the like, and see what comes up!

RSS Submission Software:

These days I use a commercial application since I'm doing a lot of URLs to a lot of sites on a regular basis, but for most people wanting to submit a short list a few times a year, the following free program submits to 16 sites in a semi-automatic mode.

It's fairly self-explanatory once you install it. Just follow the prompts to add each of your RSS feeds, select all services and let it run. Some feeds will require you to solve the 'Captcha' or select categories, so you do need to monitor it.

Again there are plenty of other options. Do a search for 'RSS Feed Submission Software' and you'll see what I mean. There may be some I've missed, but I've never found a free option that submits to more than 15-20 sites.

Pinging Your RSS Feeds

Pinging is basically a process where you let the major search engines know that there's new content to index. It's not guaranteed that they'll index it, or even that they'll come, but it works well enough, often enough to make it worth doing regularly.

As a guide, if you're adding new 'content' to your web presence at least once a month, I'd suggest you submit/resubmit your RSS Feeds 2-3 times a year and use the service below to ping your list of feeds about once a month.

Obviously if you're not publishing new content that often, there's no value in  pinging your feeds. Instead just make a point of pinging your feeds when you do add new content. 

Final Thoughts:

As with most website promotion strategies, the key is content.

Most legitimate web traffic/promotion strategies only work if you're adding real content with genuine interest value on a regular basis.

If you just try to submit junk feeds for the sake of it, it will backfire. Google and the rest have a pretty good nose for sniffing out spam submissions, and once they decide that's all you've got to offer, it is incredibly hard to change their minds. 

So no matter what traffic or promotion strategies you're working on, always make it a priority to be adding valuable content that your visitors will appreciate. If you do that consistently, you'll get better rankings and traffic without trying, and any promo work you do complete will be ten times more effective!