Augrabies Falls National Park

The Augrabies Falls is a waterfall on the Orange river, South Africa. The falls are around 60 metres (200 ft) in height. The Khoikhoi named it "Ankoerebis" — "place of big noises" — Trek Boers settled here derived the name, "Augrabies". The falls have recorded 7,800 cubic metres (280,000 cu ft) of water every second in floods in 1988. This is over three times the average high season flow rate of Niagara Falls of 2,400 cubic metres (85,000 cu ft) per second.

© Johan Truter

Augrabies Falls in flood. This is the thundering sounds of a great river forced into a narrow gutter and dropping down 60metres. Awesome sight with thundering noise is overwhelming. This is a set of 5 images stitched together.. difficult to get close to the fall. Was taken just before sunset.

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Augrabies Falls National Park
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