Around Morocco in 12 photographs

Whether you like cities, food, the outdoors, the beach, architecture, photography, mountains or desert, then Morocco has it all. You just then have to decide what djelleba to buy: blue with striped brocade trim or crimson with gold trim or . . . . . . . .

© Heather Farish

Marrakesh is the stepping off point for many tourists who visit Morocco. At the centre of this ochre-coloured city is the medina, a labryinth of winding alleys perfumed with fresh mint, roasting meat and pungent spices. The racks of leather babouche, the Moroccan slipper, in bright red, orange, yellow and pink line the alley with carpets in rust, dark red and yellow drooping down the side of a shop like a curtain. Outside is the evening food fest in the Djemma el-Fna where smoke billows skywards

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Around Morocco in 12 photographs
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