Underwater, Defence Force Themes, Travel.

This gallery shows a selection of images from my primary subjects: Underwater, Defence Force Themes and Adventure Travel. All the images have been shot using Kodak reversal film and scanned to a useable degree of quality with a modern and up-to-date film scanner. The underwater photography covers many of the world's most popular dive sites coupled with many images from the Australian Defence Force training activities in recent times.

© Patrick Keenan

Sanko Harvest Wreck, Australia.. The Sanko Harvest bulk fertilizer freighter en-route to Western Australia struck a reef 19km off the coast of Esperance (1991) and quickly broke up to become a fantastic scuba dive wreck spawning beautiful soft corals that flourish on the hull. Weather conditions are a governing factor for safe diving, local boat skippers should be contacted for accurate information on sea conditions.

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Underwater, Defence Force Themes, Travel.
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