The sights and soul of South Korea

Twelve new images showcasing the sights and soul of South Korea including Jeju Island and illuminating the Lifestyle, Heritage and its diverse and long History. Ranging from the religious Lantern Festival and Cherry Blossom Festival in Seoul, to an old and unusual Temples set by the seaside in Busan, to sculptures on Jeju Island and the red lighthouse at Malippo on the West Coast subject of an environmental disaster in 2009 (Oil Spill) and now a designated National Park area.

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Lantern Festival, Seoul, South Korea. The Lantern Festival is an annual festival (in November) held in Cheonggyecheon, Seoul. The Seoul Lantern Festival started in 2009. The two-week festival starts on the Friday of the first week in November and covers downtown Seoul in sparkling lights, illuminating the city at night during the early winter. Visitors can encounter various types of lanterns from Cheonggye Plaza to Supyo Bridge (1.2 kilometers)

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The sights and soul of South Korea
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