Wrens - Malurus melanocephalus

Welcome to the world of the Red-backed Fairy Wren! Males and females are represented here, with the breeding males a sooty black and crimson-red across the shoulder area. Non breeding males are similar coloring to the females, a sandy color but have traces of red. These Wrens seemed to be family orientated, with many females searching for food and also at what seemed to be play, flying from branch to branch, each following others in the group, while the breeding males flew around the groups, possibly searching for mates. They are curious also, flying alongside me, but at a comfortable distance, as I walked nearby.

© Paul Ross

Red-backed Fairy Wren (females) - Malurus melanocephalus. The females are sandy colored and have be seen flying together in search of food and playing in groups. Size - 13cm.

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Wrens - Malurus melanocephalus
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