When pelicans come to feed

There are places on the coast where the pelicans gather to take advantage of a free meal. A few arrive first, and then more of them circle the sky. Before long twenty or so birds are in a pond left by the retreating tide. They swim, preen their feathers or begin funny to watch squabbles. At some point a man with fish scraps arrives and the pelicans flock to him, their pink bills opened and ready to gulp down what they can catch. Minutes later the food is gone and so are those beautiful birds.

© Christina Jablonski

Pelicans use their impressive elastic pouch to catch a meal or collect the rain water. A small hook at the end of the upper jaw helps to hold on to a slippery fish. This one is doing neither - it seems to be trying to turn its pouch inside out.

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When pelicans come to feed
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