A Step Back in Time

Join me for a journey through the late part of the 1800s, when time moved a bit slower. No TV, no computers, no cell phones (WHAT?) to interrupt the leisurely way of living. That is not to say that life was easy because it certainly was not. The main struggle was just to stay alive and as a result people depended on each other. Raising crops and kids was a lot of work but still there was plenty of time for friends and family. Today we have a lot time saving stuff, so where did the time go

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Ever since the golden spike was driven, railroad tracks have woven a web of economical transport across America. Projected to be supplanted by both the automobile and airplane, trains have at first steamed then chugged and now zip along, defying oblivion. Here an abandon rail yard is reclaimed by vegetation as will occur to anything relinquished to natures care. The American railroad system still goes everywhere, it can take you there. All aboard!

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A Step Back in Time
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