Great Horned Owlets in various nesting stages.

Owlets like the Great Horned Owl species nest almost everywhere you can imagine from tree cavities to man-made nesting boxes that farmers put up to help keep the mice down around their farms and barns I have also found nests on top or light poles and in abandoned buildings. To find this group of owls you need to look carefully in every tree weather that is a cottonwood tree in an urban valley or a pine tree in the mountains that borders a meadow. This is a very diverse owl that works hard in al

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Great Horned Owls 8642 (Bubo Virgininaus). May and the Great Horned Owlets are now about three weeks old and very curious about what is going on around their cottonwood tree.Most Great Horned Owls hatch mostly two young owlets sometimes you will find them with three!

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Great Horned Owlets in various nesting stages.
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