Canadian Winter Beauty

Winter has its own beauty. It is a time of contrasts between dark and light, of blues and whites, silvers and subtle pinks. The ground is carpeted with white, trees are decorated in frost or draped in blankets of snow. On a Canadian winter evening you may feel the nip of the cold but you might also hear the sound of snow flakes falling like quiet cat steps, and see the rainbow glints of light reflecting off of ice. Stand among the trees in the quiet and the cold and see beauty all around.

© Dennis Kraft

Aspen trees thrive in the foothills of the Eastern Rockies. While many other deciduous trees can not handle the sudden temperature shifts of the climate in Western Alberta. The temperature may change by more than 30 degrees celsius in a number of hours due to the warm winds called Chinooks. Aspens are superbly adapted to the environment and on days when the frost comes they are beautiful.

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Canadian Winter Beauty
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