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Assorted color Western Wildflowers.

Spring brings new life in the mountains along with that are the multitude of colorful wildflowers that dot the mountains and valleys along the Rocky Mountains colors from dark blues to bright yellows along with reds and orange and many more that is what makes springtime and summer in the western mountains so wonderful.

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Canadian Geese or Branta canadensis.

Educational and visual images of Canadian Geese a year round species in the state of Utah one of the Pacific Flyway States. Waterfowl Images of geese in flight also nesting, summer and winter images of geese going about their daily routines. Nature behavior of wetland geese as they are in the marsh and along rivers and other waterways in the western United States.

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Great Horned Owls adults and young owlets nesting and perched in trees.

Great Horned Owls found in all states in the United States this nocturnal bird hunts in forests and urban farmlands it has been found in city parks and other rural areas. Educational views and nesting situations about how this Owl survives and thrives in a world where population has intruded into its hunting grounds.

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Mule Deer life in the winter.

Mule Deer in the Rocky Mountains specifically in Utah the winter in the fall of 2016 and the winter of 2017 Utah had a snowpack of 175% of normal the high mountains accumulated in some areas over 400 inches of snow this large amount of snow created hardship for the Mule Deer forcing them down to winter ranges not used in many years and the local division of wildlife resources had to start a feeding program to help the deer survive. This is a group of Mule Deer that wintered in the lower valleys

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Summertime Western Grebes nesting and caring for their young.

Western Grebes along with other grebe species carry their young on the backs when they go out to look for food I assume it makes life simpler to take their young to the food source then to always swim back to the shoreline it also helps keep track of the young birds and keep them out of a predators grasp the marshes are also home to Coyotes and Foxes who are always looking for an easy meal.

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