Stock Photography Lightboxes by Ray Gudgeon

This is a full list of Themed Stock Photography Lightboxes from Ray Gudgeon. Click the thumbnail to view the full photo set, or use the at the bottom of the page below to explore their full stock image catalog.

Bird Series

This is a series of bird phots shot in either Far North Queensland or the Northern Territory Australia. It includes Parrots, predator birds and others. All images were shot at 21Mpixels and are suitable for sizable enlargements (A2 at least) or for quality publications.

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Macdonnell Ranges

This series showcases the rugged beauty of the West Macdonnell Ranges. They cover The dirt road from King's Canyon to Glen Helen Gorge (called the Mareeni Loop) to the magic gorges along Namitjira Drive. These include Redbank Gorge, Ormiston Gorge and the Ochre Pits. Closer to Alice Springs, the Standley Chasm is shown at Noon with the sun gleaming across the walls.

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Norfolk Island

A series of photographs featuring scenery and activities on Norfolk Island

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Northern Territory

A series of photographs displaying the magnificent colours and splendid scenery of the Northern Territory, Australia. subjects include Uluru, Kadadu, Katherine Gorge, the West Macdonnell Ranges and the Devil's Marbles. All photos were shot in hi-res and are suitable for high quality publication and they are capable of enlargement for Exhibition or other public display applications.

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Outback Australia Samples

This is a small sample of the many images I have available covering a large variety of outback locations. I travel extensively adding to the collection regularly. If you don't see exactly what you want here please contact me and I will try to assist you from our library. I am also available for assignments

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Rockhampton Cattle Saleyard

These photos were taken at CQLX, the cattle saleyard at Rockhampton. They show auctions in progress with a number of austioneers in action

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Sideshow Images

A range of images shot at a local arts show. The environment was late afternoon

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Tropical Queensland

This series showcases the vibrant colours and exciting imagery of tropical Queensland. It represents a small selection of the many images that I have available covering this area of Australia. All photos were shot at 21MP resolution and are suitable for quality reproduction in all forma of medai. With this resolution they are suitable for substantial enlargement for such applications as posters and exhibition images

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This is a series of waterfalls shot on our last trip to Queensland in 2011

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