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I've just posted a new set of Transportation photos to my stock catalogue. Lithuanian Railways 2005 is a lightbox of Photography that could be useful for a variety of commercial uses.

Lithuanian Railways' main network consists of 1749 km of 1,520 mm (4 ft 11 27⁄32 in) broad gauge railway of which 122 km are electrified. They also operate 22 km of standard gauge line and a new ~100 km standard gauge line is under construction at the moment alongside the broad gauge from Šeštokai to Kaunas.[3] A 179 km 750 mm (2 ft 5 1⁄2 in) narrow gauge network, is listed as an object of cultural heritage, was split into a separate company Aukštaitijos Siaurasis Geležinkelis in 200

Lithuanian Railways 2005 Stock Photography

If this is something you might be able to use, please check them out and if I can assist in any way, please do let me know.

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