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I've just posted a new set of Travel photos to my website. World Cities Travel is a lightbox of 14 Stock Photos that could be useful for a variety of commercial uses.

World Cities Travel includes fine photography of some of the world's top travel destinations including Sydney, Stockholm, San Francisco, San Diego, New York, and Los Angeles.

What makes World Cities Travel cities special? Each of the cities profiled have large tourism sectors because of their popularity, which results from water front and other natural settings, global cultural standing, and a plethora of events and exhibitions throughout the year.

Sydney functions as the tourist capital of Australia in that it draws the largest number of visitors to the country than anywhere else, and has many outstanding features such as its one hundred urban beaches, extensive reserves and parklands, eclectic urban zones, museums, and its annual Sculpture By The Sea which is held each November along the stunning Bondi to Bronte walking track.

Stockholm is Sweden’s stunningly situated capital, set among 14 Western Baltic Sea archipelago islands that sees warmer summer weather than other places further south in Europe. The city is filled with bike and pedestrian trails, attractive streets and parks, and has one of the world’s best public transportation systems.

New York City is the largest city and greatest tourist magnet of the United States of America, with San Francisco following in second place, with its status as America’s most attractive large city and base for travel to the many natural wonders of the American Southwest, such as the Grand Canyon. Both San Diego and Los Angeles, as the other two major tourist urban centers of California, have large numbers of visitors, particularly Los Angeles.

Known as the City of Angels, Los Angeles is a vast coastal city with many cultural and recreational activities on offer including the beaches, the LA County Museum, Disneyland, Holl

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