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Posted: 3/25/2013 9:11:02 AM   Page Views 765   Comments 0

I started to photograph dogs about a year ago as a hobby and quickly turned into a business.

I never thought it would be so rewarding to photograph our friends with paws as it turned out to be, in the pet photography world you really meet characters and personalities of note, and then they bring their owners also with...

The crazy thing is you get to meet all the different breeds with all their special characteristics to the breed, big dogs, small dogs, tall dogs, fat dogs, long hair dogs to dogs with no hair, puppies, old dogs, breed champions to rescued runts, flat faced dogs, long dogs, clever dogs and the not so clever ones, working dogs, guard dogs, toy dogs, pretty dogs, cute dogs and then the ugly dogs who sometimes makes the best pictures by the way.

Hope you like my work, the dogs do, off course they do , they get meaty treats to pose, now that's a dog's life.

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