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Costa Rica is paradise on Earth. It's so beautiful that no wonder Costa Ricans were named most happy people in the world. Everyone's always smiling and chanting Pura Vida, meaning pure life. Their love for the environment is authentic in it's caring practice.

Costa Rica is full of sun, lush tropical forests and wide variety of wild animals. Overflowing with fresh mango fruits, aromatic coffee and ubiquitous monkeys. In addition, a great place to soak up the sun on the beautiful beaches shaded in coconut palms. There's no other place on earth like it.

In my lightboxes and galleries you will find many beautiful pictures of stunning Costa Rican's landscapes, wild animals and plants. Which includes images of different beaches, sunset, volcanoes, waterfalls, birds (Hummingbird and others), crocodiles, forests and trees, iguanas, monkeys and many more.

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