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Last April I spent a day among pandas in Chengdu, China. I've just published a new set of photos to my stock catalogue. Chengdu Panda Base A Day With Pandas is a lightbox of Stock Photos that could be useful for a variety of commercial uses.

In 1987 the Chengdu Panda Base was founded with six giant pandas rescued from the wild. The Chengdu Panda Base has three stated goals: to research giant pandas, to serve as a conservation education centre, and to provide an international educational tourist destination. The beautiful Chengdu Panda Base has been highly successful. By 2008 it had 124 giant pandas. It also exhibits and educates about other endangered specimens and has international partnerships with conservation organizations

Chengdu Panda Base A Day With Pandas Images

If this is something you might be able to use, please check them out and if I can assist in any way, please do let me know.

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