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July 2018

To whom it may concern,

Welcome to this the third Monthly Update - July 2018, to help keep you appraised of Projects already undertaken, Projects to be completed and locations to be visited in the near future which I hope will be of interest to you, or to your organisation.

Also, Contact Sheets for each location are now available on request as each location often necessitates more than the 30 (Thirty) images showcased in the Lightbox presentations.


A PORTFOLIO Collection which are a selection of twelve images from England to Turkey, Slovakia to Singapore, Scotland to Brunei to name but a few.

LIGHTBOX presentations and some GALLERIES for:

MEDITERRANEAN tour of Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece and Turkey, and;
ICELAND and on Route One, and;
A short tour of MALTA, and;
Sights and soul of SOUTH KOREA, and;
The beauty of TAIWAN, and;
Photography tour of CYPRUS, and;
A tiny glimpse of SCOTLAND, and;
SINGAPORE delights, and;
MYANMAR formerly Burma, and;
Philippines, and;
KENYA Safari

ENVISAGED AUGUST 2018 TO DECEMBER 2018 (which can be prioritised on request)

BALTIC CRUISE - Southampton to Saint Petersburg, and;
BRUNEI - sights of Bandar Seri Begawan, and;
CAMBODIA - in and around Siem Reap, and;
CHINA - brief visits to Xian and Lijiang, and;
ENGLAND - Lake District, Liverpool, Norfolk Broads and North Yorkshire, and;
GERMANY - Munich and surrounding area, and;
IRELAND - Dublin and its attractions, and;
OCEANIA - the islands of Fiji, and;
REPUBLIC OF PALAU - previously part of the Philippines, and;
POLAND - Warsaw, Birkenau and Krakow, and;
PORTUGAL - Lisbon and its attractions, and;
RHINE CRUISE - two weeks from Amsterdam to Basel, and;
SPAIN - Barcelona and Montserrat, and;
THAILAND - sights and sounds of Bangkok, and;
VIETNAM - short stay in Hanoi and the surrounding area, and;
SLOVENIA - four trip in July 2018, and;
CROATIA - two days in July 2018, and;
ENGLAND - Lindisfarne, Brimham Rocks and Beamish in July 2018

FUTURE PROJECTS (New locations to be visited)

To be advised


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Peter Shepherd

    NEWSLETTER No.3 Travel Tourism Photography


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