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I've just published a new lightbox titled "Furlough Friday, Hawaii Education Matters rally" which includes stock images that capture the atmosphere of the event, the close-up intense and relaxed moods and emotions of the protesters, the colorful signs, as well as the special guests, famous singers, actors and leaders.

I've always found a fascinating subject for my photography among people in outdoor and candid setting where I'm able to capture their emotions and actions in a relaxed non-studio environment. 

Hawaii Education Matters organized a rally in front of the Hawaii State Capitol building on October 23, 2009 to protest reducing  the school year by 17 days annually at public schools across Hawaii (all due to the State budged cuts during the recent recession).  Hundreds of protesters, mostly parents, teachers, and sutudents waved signs, spoke up their opinions, and chanted while marching around the Hawaii State Capitol building.  The rally participants brought their colorful homemade signs, created signs at the event, or held printed "(No-crossed) My Child Left Behind" signs.  Special guests and supporters of the rally included a famous singer, actor and surfer Jack Johnson, as well as an actor, dancer and singer Ben Vereen who performed, spoke and inspired the protesters.  The rally had an impact on the legislators to attend and discuss their plans to hold a speciall session.  Governor Linda Lingle received the petition signed by over 2,800 concerned individuals and invited the rally organizers to sit down and talk over the issue at her office.  The event was covered by local TV stations and newspapers, as well as the New York Times.  In addition, a U.S. Congressman, Neil Abercrombie flew back from Washington to attend the rally and the discussion with the Secretary of Education.  Similar events are planned for the near future.

Enjoy the rally lig



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