Rodney Garnett News :: Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania

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Set on a beautiful little bay on the Tasman Peninsula Port Arthur is a peaceful landscape to wander through and was quite picturesque in the Autumn when we were there. Even the ruined penal buildings do not portray any of the horror of the 1830 to 1877 convict era or the density of development when the colony accommodated over 2000 people by 1840. It is only when you absorb the interpretation, listen to the guides and reflect on the site's past that the horrors of lives here begin to take on their full meaning.

It is also important to put Port Arthur into context. The penal colony reflected the most advanced thinking of the time for prisoner rehabilitation and the health, with the free medical services, of prisoners and free residents alike far surpassed cites of England.

Follow the link to my my gallery for more of the story. I have also made a selection in my Port Arthur lightbox and a search will bring up over 130 photos of my photos published on Ozimages.



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