Doris Miocinovic News :: Visiting West Hawai`i (Big Island)

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I will be visiting the west coast of the Big Island, Hawai`i between May 29th and June 5th. The west side of the largest island in Hawaii island chain is very rich in history, agriculture and other industries, nature on land and in the Pacific Ocean, and scenery.

The surrounding sites include historical monuments and places where the the Hawaiian royalty (Kamehameha Kings, Kalakaua, etc.) were born, resided, and surfed. There are a number of Heiau (Hawaiian temple, sacred places) that consist of simple earth terraces or stone platforms, and the City of Refuge (Pu`uhonua o Honaunau) National Historic Park to which Hawaiians who broke a kapu (one of the ancient laws) could flee to and avoid certain death. The Kealakekua Bay is known as a place to which the first documented European, Captian James Cook arrived (on January 17, 1779), and also as a place of his death. Today, there is a town named Captain Cook, as well as a monument at the approximate place of his death.

The local industry consists of Kona Premium Coffee Company (producer of highest quality coffee in the world), Kona Deep Corporation (producer of pathogen-, chemicals-, and polutant-free and rich in nutrients, electrolytes and minerals drinking water pulled from 3000 feet, or 915 meters depth of the Pacific Ocean, at the end of the Global Conveyor Belt, off of the coast of Kona), South Kona Macademia Nut Company (producer of gourmet quality macademia nuts), and many more.

Kona side of the Big Island is known for amazing snorkeling, scuba diving, beaches, and breath-taking nature. I am available for assignments during my stay, and will photograph any area of interest.



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