Paul Ross News :: Australian Rainbow Lorikeets.

Posted: 10/1/2010 12:51:24 PM   Page Views 1807   Comments 0

The amazing world of the Rainbow Lorikeet, an australian parrot, is seen here as a flock rests on the branches of a tree, some scavenging bread from a barn and the alarm of a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets as they discover a large Lace Monitor lizard resting in their tree hollow. These vividly colored Australian native parrots, fly incredibly fast, in flocks, looking for nectar from flowering trees and bushes. The three close up photos are of our own Lorikeet, named surprisingly, Lori E Keet and he has been with us now for over five years. He was abandoned and picked up by the RSPCA initially and now is our very own cheeky larrikin!



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