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Posted: 3/23/2009 1:24:59 AM   Page Views 1677   Comments 0

Amid colorfully clad women, the cacophony of horns and the call to prayer, constant electricity blackouts, traffic without rules and a continual procession of people-powered rickshaws, I live. This is Dhaka, Bangladesh where I have the opportunity to photograph everyday life with intermittent visits to historic sites such as bazaars, markets, mosques and temples plus surrounding villages. There is so much color, so much vitality and people who mostly love having their photograph taken. A sample of my Bangladesh photographs has already been posted with more to come.

This weekend I leave Dhaka and head to the hills, a land of tea plantations, green rice fields and traditional villages. Thus I should have the opportunity to photograph traditional life, the people of the area and the craziness of the train trip there and back. Hopefully next week some of the photographs will be posted.




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