Christina Jablonski News :: Gold Coast, Australia

Posted: 2/12/2011 1:02:55 PM   Page Views 1756   Comments 0

A friend from another state visited us on the Gold Coast. He was happy to explore hinterland but when I proposed a short drive to Surfers Paradise, he hesitated - it was not his scene. Yet he agreed and we soon parked on the esplanade. "It's so nice here," he said getting out of the car. "But why did we stop?"
Learning we have arrived at our destination he shook his head. The buildings he expected to be tall and drab were modern and classy. The latest boutiques and stores have replaced many ageing shops; greenery appeared wherever possible; and the ocean breeze tempted him to the beach. The photographs I've taken on that day have been included in this lightbox, and our friend promised to return the next year.

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