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Austria at a glance

Posted: 10/30/2014 12:10:50 AM

My most recent collection of images includes Wachau, the River Danube valley and the Melk Abbey, both the UNESCO heritage sites. There are also images of a colourful complex of houses in Vienna designed in 1980s by a controversial Austrian architect Hundertwasser.

The photos here may ...   Read Full Article

Destination Norway

Posted: 10/27/2014 2:47:38 PM

I have just published the lightbox titled 'Destination Norway', that includes images of the northern part of the country and the city of Trondheim.

The photos here may be used in travel advertising material, newspaper articles, travel guides or for personal use.
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Motocross riders in action.

Posted: 10/20/2014 4:49:29 AM

Around the place where I live - Stoke-on-trent England are few motocross tracks and as I love sports photography, one day I decided to take some pictures of motocross riders at racing. I was so excited after first race that I end it up shooting another two races, all across two different MX tracks ...   Read Full Article

Indigenous people portraits

Posted: 10/17/2014 9:42:53 PM

As I travel around the islands of Indonesia, I'm fascinated with the many faces and people's of this island archipelago. I have recently posted a lightbox and gallery of some of my favorite portraits of Indonesia's indigenous people.   Read Full Article

The decisive moment

Posted: 10/11/2014 2:33:07 PM

I was lucky enough to take this photo in exactly the right fraction of a second. The decisive moment is an expression associated with the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, a pioneer in so-called street photography. My image shows a decisive moment both for my camera and for the game of ...   Read Full Article

Fall in central New York

Posted: 10/7/2014 6:41:32 AM

Fall in central New York show the beauty of this area. It shows its spectacular colors of all its foliage. Just has fast as these colors appear, they can disappear. Please enjoy central New York at its best.   Read Full Article

Colorful Colmar, Alsace, France

Posted: 9/30/2014 11:29:38 AM

Chris Star recently returned from Colmar, in the Alsace region of France, and has just posted stock photographs of interest to photo-buyers needing images of this beautiful, medieval city.

World-famous for the stunning beauty of the "Petite Venice" canals in the Old Town ...   Read Full Article

Balinese hindu cremation ceremony

Posted: 9/21/2014 5:57:37 AM

I've lived on Bali for the past 7 years and have witnessed a number of cremation ceremonies but only recently was I privileged to witness the exhumation of previously buried remains to be cremated at a high cast mass cremation ceremony. It began in the pre-dawn darkness and culminated with the ...   Read Full Article

Classic culture in black and white

Posted: 9/20/2014 6:10:32 PM

I love capturing the traditional culture and people of Indonesia in black and white. I have just posted a collection of my favorite black and white images from around Indonesia.   Read Full Article

Polar Bears and Beluga Whales-Churchill,

Posted: 9/19/2014 12:54:05 AM

The tour and the town of Churchill

The town of Churchill is at the confluence of the Sub-Arctic, Arctic and Marine ecosystems, making it a rich ecological destination. The town of Churchill has around 1000 residents and 900-1000 Polar Bears. There are 25 Polar Bear populations around ...   Read Full Article

Photographing Southwest Florida

Posted: 9/19/2014 12:44:21 AM

- A week photographing in Southwest Florida- the top of the Everglades-

My mom lives in Atlanta. I live in Vermont. Several years ago I decided that on my trips down to visit my mom I would take some side photography trips and visit places that we did not visit when I was a child ...   Read Full Article

Forest Creeks and Brooks

Posted: 9/7/2014 11:55:26 PM

Come and See Forest and Little Brooks of Middle Slovakia.Those Natural Sources of Water are Real Treasure for Slovakia,Because We Have More Than 2ooo Natural Fonts-Fillets-and one of the Biggest Reservoirs of Underground Water in the World.   Read Full Article

New Caledonia part 3. Pines Island

Posted: 9/4/2014 7:51:32 AM

Hi from Carlo Piccinelli,
I’ve recently updated my gallery and my lightbox with a photographic journey that has by topic: New Caledonia part 3, the island of Pines.
The Isle of Pines, is one of the most famous islands in the South Pacific because of its pine forests that overlook a ...   Read Full Article

White Background

Posted: 9/4/2014 12:52:11 AM

This post is mostly for graphic designers,that are looking for people or objects isolated on white background.
Just one thing-we have model releases to all people in this portfolio,irrespective the fact that in photo description -photo details is sometimes assigned we not.
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tigers and horses

Posted: 9/3/2014 5:03:18 AM

Well, it is not common that somebody who lives in middle europe loves to shoot tigers.But here is one of the biggest "OASIS FOR SIBERIAN TIGERS",where more than 20 tigers and lions are located on area definitely different than some ZOO,or something like that.On huge areas they have lot of ...   Read Full Article

misty forest landscape photography

Posted: 9/2/2014 7:24:25 AM

I Invite you to check my misty forest landscape photography.Those misty forest landscape images are taken around bratislava,but also across whole Slovakia country.You can find here a plenty of locations in Slovakia,but we specialize on hazy and misty forests landscape photography.
Here you ...   Read Full Article

Black Perigord Truffle Hunt

Posted: 9/1/2014 12:28:14 AM

Lowes Mount Truffiere, Oberon NSW, Australia is the perfect environment to grow the Black Perigord Truffle. Hot summers and cold winters create the ideal growing conditions.
This rare and delicate fungi with the most arresting aroma in the culinary world is in season from around June through ...   Read Full Article

Song Bird Photography on Perches

Posted: 8/28/2014 3:05:06 PM

One of my favorite photographers is Alan Murphy. Alan specializes in bird photography and has developed many different techniques to get songbirds up on to perches. These techniques allow the photographer to control where the bird lands and what is in the background. Alan has spectacular images of ...   Read Full Article

Song Bird Photography on Perches

Posted: 8/28/2014 1:22:43 PM

This spring was my first attempt at calling Song Birds to Perches using calls. I was able to photograph birds around my feeders near my house and in the "wild".   Read Full Article

Churchill, Manitoba, the "Polar Bea

Posted: 8/28/2014 1:19:57 PM

Visting Churchill, Manitoba, the "Polar Bear Capital of the World". I wanted to go and see Polar Bears in person, before Global Climate change further endangered their existence   Read Full Article