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This is a full list of our current contributing freelance photographers. Please use the links to view their work profile and samples of their work. If you're looking for a photographer in a specific location or for a specific job, we recommend you use the search form below.

Andrew Baker: Personal Website
Events, Food, Portrait

Blair Baker: Personal Website
Baker Photography specializes in making food look delicious. I enjoy capturing food’s natural beauty, with no tricks or gimmicks. I also have experience capturing chefs at work and taking headshots.

Barry Barnes: Personal Website
Heavenly Images create custom personalized pet memorial pictures using images of your pet for memorials-Something which stays long with you-Unique Pet-Loss Gift.

Jenny Barnes: Adelaide Equestrian & Racing Photography
Equestrian Racing etc - Action photography and posed still shots. Non arty - I choose not to alter images through major reworking in photoshop.

Sandi Barry: Personal Website
Sandi Barry Photographer captures the essence of Mother Nature, it's innate beauty and fragility, in order to enrich and inform the world visually. My Fine Art Landscape photographs are printed on the finest museum quality papers and canvases and are for sale on my website. I am based in Brisbane Australia.

Mel Beasley: Mel Beasley fine art photography General photograp
I like anything abstract, but also do landscape, street photography or candid images, I have travel images, mainly from Lithuania, I still do portrait photography, I used to do Weddings, but I don't any longer. I had a long break since coming to Spain 8 years ago and have only returned with a new enthusiasm a few months ago and am trying to get known. My photography continues to evolve as I invest more time and effort in working with photoshop.

James Bennett: Personal Website
Fine art Photography sales. Specialising in wildlife from the UK, America and Australia under the name of MBK Wildlife Photography. Photographic work available for the home and office in many sizes and finishes from Greetings cards to large framed prints, canvas wraps, and dramatic acrylic and aluminium prints

Kristian Bertel: Personal Website
Kristian Bertel | Photography Pictures and essays from India by Kristian Bertel. Series of pictures primarily taken in the provinces Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh | Photo essays.

Steve Bicknell: Personal Website
Photographic stock library of New Zealand, including many aerial images of almost all the towns and much of the coastline. iPad apps entitled New Zealand Journeys also available on the app store. Recent advertising work includes pan asian campaign for Acuvue contact lenses featuring geographic features representing eyes.

Howard Birnstihl: people nature jewellery abstract symbolic fashion
Over twenty years experience in shooting in a wide range of areas starting with candid socialogical studies of people in everyday life including children, teenagers, the elderly and everything in between. The natural world became a fascination and we now have a huge file of Australian flora and fauna. Commercial studio work then took hold, particularly jewellery and we have worked for most of the jewellers in Melbourne. We have half a million images on file covering this huge subject range.

CHIP BLAIR: Personal Website

Rob Blakers: Personal Website
Landscape, media, sport and aerial. High quality creative professional photography.

Dayana Blanco: Personal Website

Patrick Bollen: Personal Website
Photojournalism and reportage with high impact images achieved through a combination of excellent shooting and image processing skills

Christian Botella: Underwater Wildlife & Tropical Rainforest Photography
For the past 10 years I have been working as a professional underwater photographer operating my own business and supplying images to various tourist companies. My strengths are in the aquatic field: wide-angle, macro, fish behaviour and models. Living on the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef and the World Heritage Wet Tropics allows me the opportunity to specialise in the marine wilderness, rainforest and remote landscapes of Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Jackie Bourn: Personal Website
Two passions in my life are travel and photography, so the types of areas I work with are associated with that. I tend to take scenic, people or still lifes. Images from some of the locations (Tibet, Bolivia, Galapagos Islands, Sikkim, Patagonia, Australia ) are loaded with many others still to come

Kirsten Bowers: Personal Website

Matt Brading: Antarctic Wildlife Photography
Cairns based photographer with a keen interest in wildlife photography. Extensive antarctic collection, plus landscape & wildlife work stretching from the Victorian high country to Kakadu.

Cyril Brass: Personal Website

Adrian Brockwell: Personal Website
Product, portraits,location,studio,lifestyle,Interiors,panoramics,virtual tours,product spins

Adam Brooker: Wildlife Behaviour and Ecology Photography
As a professional marine biologist specialising in animal behaviour, I am interested in all aspects of the natural world, but particularly the ocean and its inhabitants. I also have a love affair with Africa and its wildlife after living in South Africa. Being a biologist, I aim to document habitats and their wildlife through photography. Living in Scotland, much of my photography involves Scottish landscapes and wildlife, but I also like to explore other locations that have interesting wildlife and landscapes.

James Brunker: Personal Website
British photographer based in La Paz, Bolivia. Owner of Magical Andes Photography, stock library with large collection of images of Bolivia, Peru, Chile and other areas of Latin America. Subjects covered include landscape, travel, wildlife, festivals and culture, food and drink, industry, environment. Also cover news, current affairs, politics and sports (especially football / soccer), both for Getty Latin America and freelance.

martin bydalek: Personal Website
Location commercial photography for advertising and editorial.