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This is a full list of our current contributing freelance photographers. Please use the links to view their work profile and samples of their work. If you're looking for a photographer in a specific location or for a specific job, we recommend you use the search form below.

Mark Cabot: Personal Website
Mark has over 35 years' experience shooting images for clients in the corporate and industrial sectors. His work has taken him all over the world covering a vast range of subjects. He has a reputation for delivering highly creative images without any hassle and enjoys the excitement and challenge of every shoot, whatever the location and subject. His easy going approach enables him to get the best from each subject. Based in Norway with easy access to Scandinavia and Europe

Turi Caggegi: Personal Website

Casper Cammeraat: Casper Cammeraat landscape cityscape nature photog
Casper Cammeraat has been into photography for over 30 years. By nature a lover of experimentation, a large corpus has grown, from land- and cityscapes, portraits, architecture, gumprints, structures, to abstract photography and panorama's. The fascination for nature- with or without people or buildings- has always remained. The same with the simplicity of black and white or monochrome pictures.

Veronica Campbell: Personal Website
Boudoir & Fashion Portrait Photography

A Morgan Capture: Personal Website
I would describe my style as natural, artistic and unique. I am intrigued with finding the sole beauty of each individual I photograph. I try to reveal their personality in distinctive and dynamic shots: catching far-away looks, an offhand smile, mischievous glances, irresistible pouts and reflections of unguarded joy. Whether you need Family*Maternity*Newborn*Couples*Senior*Engagement*Graduation*Pet*Child Commercial, Event Or Wedding Coverage I will work closely with you to find out exactly how you want to be portrayed and produce the best possible results. You will never hear me speak the words, “Say cheese.” I want to capture personality, not manufacture it. Years from now, looking at my photographs you will remember special things about people you love the most. Time flies by faster with each passing year, but with heart-felt portraits, its reflection remains, reminding us of the radiance of love, the exuberance of childhood and

Tom Carpenter: inspiring photo travel business landscape people p
I have mostly been working in landscape, travel photography and street scenes. Since digital photography took off I have been living mostly in Egypt, subsequently Singapore and now UK. I like to observe patterns and colours. My best work is usually in landscape black and white. I like to get the picture in camera though appreciate now that post-processing is a major part of the quality production. I am comfortable in editing, though I am learning techniques to develop "mood". My most commercial photos are those shot with a theme rather than just being a good picture.

Pat Carter: Pat Carter Nature Travel photographer
The fields I work in most often I would describe as Nature and Tourism but I have a wide variety of interests that I incorporate into my photography. I like to combine my love of travel and photography with nature being my main focus, although it is impossible not to appreciate and capture the amazing architecture I have encountered in my travels. I believe the images I create aren’t easily replicated due to the environmental location and unique subject matter I am able to capture.

Carlos Carvalho: Personal Website
Africa travel documenting the life of people and nature

Jan Cary: Personal Website
I specialize in portrait, commercial, documentary, news and landscape photography. I especially like to capture subjects at their best, in a natural setting. We also offer a concierge photo service in the Central Florida area, so you are always in your vacation pictures.

Mohammed CHAMALI: Personal Website
Artistic photography from Morocco

Don Chamblee: Personal Website
I have shot family & corporate portraits, events, but mostly, I shoot what interests me and what I know will be a great finished image.

Andy Collins: Gritty Urban everyday photographer
civil servant with an interest in capturing the unseen moment, the one-off shot and general everyday life. Always like to have my camera with me because experience tells me you will always miss a great shot the one time you dont have it with you

Red Collins: Personal Website
Well, what do I say here? Have worked in the transport industry for many years but have decided to pursue a better line of work in an area that I enjoy and I am passionate about. It is still early days. I have grown a lot these past few years and look forward to what is coming in the near future as I continue to grow my photography skills and confidence. I continually push myself to keep learning and improving with each shot. I would love to be working in the area of wildlife photography but think I may need to pursue something of a more consistent income.

Trevor Connell: Personal Website
Australia's leading event photography service with a network of photographers throughout Australia and New Zealand

Ashley Cooper: Personal Website
I am an environmental photographer specialising in everything connected to climate change. I have documented the impacts of climate change, both in stills and video on every continent on the planet. I also have a huge collection of everything renewable

Billy Cooper: Illawarra stock professional photographer
I shoot landscapes, nature, quirky subjects. My style is artistic and my vision is to create beautiful photographs as often as I can.

Tracy Copson: Personal Website

Sallyanne Cousans: Australia wildlife nature images
I am a Western Australian-based freelance photographer specialising in nature and wildlife. Photography has been, and still is, a lifelong passion: I love the challenges of mastering light, lens and landscape. I cover a range of other subjects, including environmental, people and historical towns and buildings. In 2009 I established a small photo agency whereby I help other photographers to get their images out into the market. From these photographers I have many more images available, not only from Australia but from other places too - Africa, Iceland, Great Britain and many others.

Stuart Coutts: Australian in SE Asia editorial travel photography
Stuart is a freelance photo journalist and TV news cameraman with a love for SE Asia, its culture and people. I'm passionate about using my love of photography to try and make a difference. Photography can be a great tool for raising awareness about the most vulnerable, forgotten and at-risk people in society. Website: Instagram:

Mark Creery Photography: Personal Website
My approach is a more natural and laid-back journalistic style. My easy-going personality helps create an environment where you can relax and be yourselves - and have fun! I excel at capturing the scenery and feel of your location while still showcasing you and your personalities. I bring over 13 years of wedding experience into my work so I have the skills needed to do an amazing job in any location. I am very keen to provide outstanding service during the whole process and to make my contribution to your wedding day a memorable one.

Michael Crosby: Personal Website
I do very little in the way of posed pictures. CNCPIX stands for Captured, Not Created Pix. Action Sports seems to be where I do most of my work/sales. I prefer nature related photography.

Michael Crosby: Personal Website
Capturing life as it happens because life isn't posed. Events, sports, fine art and natural portraits.

Peter Currie: Travel People Wildlife Action Photographer
Freelance photographer whose interests include travel, nature, wildlife, people,landscapes, history and architecture. My portfolio includes images from a variety of interesting and popular destinations around the world. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. Close proximity to Brisbane & Gold Coast. Available for assignments any time. Please contact me at your convenience. Requests answered promptly. Quality assured. Ph 61 7 431211178 or 0431211178 or SKYPE peter.currie26