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This is a full list of our current contributing freelance photographers. Please use the links to view their work profile and samples of their work. If you're looking for a photographer in a specific location or for a specific job, we recommend you use the search form below.

Joachim A. J. Kaiser: wine photo journalist
I am specialized in, but not restricted to, photography of landscapes and towns of wine-growing regions, vineyards, vines, wines, vintners and wine business people, events related to wine. Combination of wine and food - wine & dine - is another of my focuses as photographer. Photos for tourism on and off the beaten track. In addition I have a large store of photos from the 1970s to 1990s from all around the world. The world looked quite different at that time.

Danny Kaye: Danny Kaye rural and village Landscape photographe
I am a photographer with a wide range of experience, my photography is largely Landscape with wildlife and macro especially flowers.

Patrick Keenan: Underwater Defence Force Themes Adventure Travel
I must confess to being a photographer from 'the rich and historic art of film' which generally means I was confined to endless hours of dark room toil and a massive volume of stored black&white paper images. Ideally the subject of my work has been the humble human going about their much-varied lifestyle both above and below the surface of the oceans. The digital age is finding me struggling to make sense of a completely new world - marketing a series of 35mm chromes was once a straightforward exercise but I guess the 'need' to get a good shot will surpass all generations, so we must tackle the new.

Ahmed Keizer: common man and environment
I only live to discover beauty through the view finder, the eye of my soul, trying to capture the eternity in each moment and strive to take the art of photography to innovative heights.

Sarah Kelly: Personal Website

Nadia Khalifa: Photos by Nadia Khalifa Montreal photography phot
I work mainly in studio full time photographing people. I am very passionate about travel photography and do that for my personal projects.

Sandra Kilchenmann: Personal Website
I travelled for 2 years around the world which was the perfect training for photography. After this I did an internship in photojournalism in Nepal and another intership at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe. My biggest improvement I did in Zimbabwe where I worked for social media. My skills: portraits, product (close-ups) and wildlife & landscape

Laurie Anne King: Personal Website

Beverley Kirkby: NSW Mid-North Coastal lifestyle
I love to photograph the coastal scenes; landscapes, wildflowers, birds, heritage buildings, festivals and craft markets. It amazes me that frequent visits to the same beach always yield a slightly different vista. The weather, tides and sand formations are never quite the same. One day there may be fallen trees and driftwood, another bluebottles and yet another dead muttonbirds. Short trips inland give access to mountains, waterfalls, amazing rock formations and a different kind of vegetation.

Ryan Koopmans: Personal Website
Born in Amsterdam, raised on Vancouver Island, and educated in Vancouver and New York City, Ryan Koopmans is a documentary + fine art photographer. Driven by the interdisciplinary practices of geography, psychology, and art history, these subjects combine to inform his images and working process. Koopmans is drawn, photographically, to the world’s rapidly-expanding and hyper-globalized cities, particularly those that have invested heavily in large-scale urban planning and modernist/futurist architecture. He finds that the topographically surreal environments that are products of that planning and architecture set the stage for interesting photo opportunities, from close up and afar. Currently Koopmans is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, working on assigned and independent photo/video projects around the globe.

Mark Kosinski: Personal Website
Nature and landscape photography along with architecture. I provide stock images, editorial content and fine art prints.

Dennis Kraft: Western Canada China nature culture scenery
The subjects I photograph vary, but I have a lot of images of China from living there for a decade. I also shoot photos of natural landscapes, some winter scenes, wild life, street scenes and cultural artifacts (not necessarily in that order). If the light is right and the textures are interesting, the cameras is out. What kind of work do I prefer? A lot depends on what's around me, but anything that gets me outside and wandering with a camera is ideal. I love travelling and being outdoors and that has a huge influence on the type of photos I take. For this reason, it's not surprising that I feel most comfortable shooting natural scenes, landscape and botanicals, but I enjoy experimenting. I also love black and white photography. I would describe my photography as a hunt for light, for contrast, for rich moments or imagery. I like the idea of capturing a moment, or the essence of a place.

Ditta U. Krebs: Personal Website
Ditta U. Krebs, a german freelance photographer, from 1999 to 2011 lived on Mallorca. In her picture library she stocks more than 100.000 photos of Germany, France, Italy, but specially of Spain - the spanish mainland, Canary Islands and her former home Majorca on the Balearic Islands. The subjects include: nature & landscape, beaches & mountains, cities & villages, architecture & fine art, religious & cultural festivities, celebrities & events, food & beverages, sports & recreation and also typical stock photos of stills, symbols and abstracts. Photo assignments in Germany and Spain on request.

Renier Kriek: Renier Kriek wildlife travel South African Photogr
Wildlife photography, Action and sports. Fun playing pets and nature.

Ford Kristo: Personal Website
Stock and assignment photography, art prints, specialising in: - nature - wildlife - landscape - aerial Photography training and workshops Photojournalism packages

Johann Kruger: Personal Website
Research scientist

Scott Kurtini: Scott Kurtini Urban Nature Landscape photography
I am passionate about creating images that are naturalistic, honest and of the moment yet incorporate strong design elements. My photographs are produced in both black and white and colour depending on the needs of the composition. My subject matter is influenced by availability and opportunity and can vary from urban, industrial and natural landscapes and subjects to portraits.