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This is a full list of our current contributing freelance photographers. Please use the links to view their work profile and samples of their work. If you're looking for a photographer in a specific location or for a specific job, we recommend you use the search form below.

Kim Lambert: Personal Website
Travel and Art Photography, Macro and commercial. Licensing of images from our back catalogue of over 100,000 images. If you need an image - ask, we may have something to suit!

Shirley Lannoo: SALPhoto Nature travel Images
I am a long time photographer residing on Manitoba prairies with hundreds of hours in the field photographing everything and anything of interest. Portfolio includes animals, birds, plants, landscapes & structures (all seasons). I have traveled extensively throughout Canada (all ten provinces and the Yukon), Alaska, and the lower forty-eight. For my fiftieth birthday I backpacked Europe for six in hand.

Matthew Larsen: Personal Website
Living and working in North Qld, I am constantly amazed at the sheer beauty of the area. To date, my work consists of a range of landscapes in an effort to capture the colours of North Qld. The Townsville area also boasts a wide variety of historical buildings, structures and war bunkers, many of which I have either captured, or am planning to shoot in the near future

Ray Laskowitz: Personal Website

Olympia Lau: Personal Website
real estate, product and portrait photography

Mark Laurie: Personal Website
Commissione female nude, boudoir, glamour, prenatal etc. Hair and makeup included, custom sets, posing guidance. Body painting special.

Luis Ledesma: Personal Website
My photography is organic, outdoors, & conversive. I try to relate to all my clients to build a closer relationship so that I can expose true emotions through my work.

Jim lenderink: Personal Website
Business to Business Photography- Commercial, Industrial, Catalog product ,Architectural Photographer. We are located in the Kansas City Area and do photography for businesses all over the Midwest and beyond, from Chicago to Denver. The right photography really matters. Your business photography images need to capture, in all its glory, the individuality of your business. We believe great photography can add clients to any business, not just for today, but for years down the road. You also need to hire top-notch experienced photography services if you are looking for good ideas to improve the return on your investments. We have decades of experience giving our clients what they need to market their businesses. Let us help you.

Mitch Lenet: Personal Website
We are a team of professional associate wedding photographers in Ottawa and second shooters with training and experience in diverse visual styles. Known in the industry for our client-centric focus, Ottawa wedding photography and lighting that sets the mood regardless of weather, the Mitch Lenet Weddings team of professional photographers produces authentic memories through play and direction on scene rather than strict posing. Mitch is passionate about capturing the moments hidden inside of moments, at weddings he believes these are the authentic truths that have the potential to be honoured as heirloom artifacts. Through the lens of the camera and a personalized approach with his clients, Mitch honours the intimate and shared experiences of these milestone moments. Mitch is an insightful wedding photographer because he is also a captivating story teller.

Shane Light: Personal Website
Wedding, Portraiture, Nude/Erotica & Quality Art Sales.

Chris Litzow: Freelance Photographer based in Central Queensland
Flora, fauna, landscapes, sunsets and sunrises. In general I enjoy the challenges of Australian scenes, people and culture. I shoot digital images using a Canon gear.

Jiri Lochman: Personal Website
Lochman Transparencies is an Australian-based photographic agency and picture library supplying digital and on film images to clients on all continents. Lochman Transparencies specialises in the supply of Nature and Geography images from around the globe. Our niche subjects are Australian wildlife – from the smallest insects to the largest mammals, wildflowers, geographical features and underwater life. We take great pride in the quality of our images, as well as those selected from 30 hand-picked Australian and overseas photographers whom we represent.

Trevor Lundstrom: Trevor Lundstrom Landscape Nature photography
I am based in Perth Western Australia and have travelled widely throughout the state. I am particularly interested in the wide open spaces of our country, the landscape, the creatures and people that live out there. Day, night, wide angle to macro, I love seeing and sharing my experiences via the photographic medium.