Paul Ross: Photographer Portfolio Stock Images

Old Railway Station and Water Tower.
Painted Desert - Outback South Australia.
Wedge-tailed Eagle Portrait - (Aquila audax)
Cicada close up - Order Hemiptera, Suborder
Old Truck in a farm Paddock.
Pacific Baza (immature) - Aviceda subcristata
Steam Train 621 - Pulling out of the Railway Station.
Electricity Sub Station.
Green Tree Frog - Litoria caerulea
Pink Rose Flower.
Two lined Dragon - Diporiphora bilineata (Female)
Yellow Honeyeater - Lichenostomus flavus
Little Eagle - Hieraaetus morphnoides
Red-backed Fairy Wren (female) - Malurus melanocephalus
Powerboats - Powerboat Acceleration.
Ruins of a Farmhouse.
Stormy Night.
Cane Toad - Bufo marinus
Rove Beetle - Actinus macleayi.
Vintage and Classic Cars - Austin 7 full drivers side view.
At the Beach with Tourists walking on a Jetty.
Wooden Sailing Boats.
Road Users and Road Signs in Australia.


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