Lars-Olof Nilsson: Photographer Portfolio Stock Images

Portrait of a small girl
Little girl smiling at camera
Young boy at the stem of a small boat
Little girl in the water
Little girl walking small dog
Help with homework
Sister and brother at a computer
Small boy with toy car
Gandpa and granddaughter
Grandmother and granddaughter
Grandpa and grandson
Small boy with a cat
Woman window-shopping
Smiling woman
Girl doing homework on a sofa
Little girl drawing
Little girl looking at herself in a mirror
Waiter serving wine to smiling couple
Plate with grilled octopus, spinach and potatoes
Boy in wheelchair
Couple on a beach
Holidaymaker reading in sun chair by the sea
Woman on a beach
Mask in a shop window in Venice, Italy
Masked couple at the carnival of Venice, Italy
Masked figures at the carnival of Venice, Italy
Small boat in the Mediterranean
Man trekking in the mountains
Dog looking out through window
Pulp mill
Lemon fruit and flower
Fly on composite flower
Mouse killed in a trap
Attentive kitten
Sunset behind Santa Maria della Salute in Venice, Italy
Stockholm skyline at sunset
Sunset and power-line pylon


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