Greg C Grace: Photographer Portfolio Stock Images

Laughing Kookaburra, 'Dacelo novaeguineae'
Hoverfly, 'Melangyna viridiceps' close-up on flower
Regent Parrot
Rainbow Lorikeet
Thai Sunset, Southern Thailand
Angthong Marine Park, Ko Samui, Thailand
Morialta Falls
The Eastern Rosella, Platycercus eximius
Koala closeup, Phascolarctos cinereus
Red-backed Kingfisher 'Todiramphus pyrrhopygius'
Santa Monica
Golden Shouldered Parrot 'psephotus chyrsopterygius'
Kangaroo Island sunset
Thai butterfly
White-faced Heron
Pied Heron
Maya Bay, The Beach
Ruby Zoisite or Anyolite gem specimens on black background
Amethyst crystal cave, goede half
Peridot gem and crystal specimens on white background
Amber bracelet on white background
Titanite crystal
Rainbow obsidian carving
Lazurite crystal on matrix
Violet Sapphire gemstone
Emerald crystal
Red coral branch
Turquoise rough specimen
Heliodor, yellow beryl crystal
Topaz crystal
Blue water lilly
Morialta Falls
Spotted Pardalote
Mountain Oak, autumn leaves
Green Peafowl 'Pavo muticus' fanning
Monarch Butterfly 'Danaus plexippus'
Bottlebrush flowers 'Callistemon'
Hoverfly 'Melangyna viridiceps' close-up on flower
Echidna, South Australia
Scarlet-breasted Parrot 'Neophema pulchella'
Hopping mouse
Blue Scarlet Parrot 'Neophema pulchella'
The Diamond Firetail male 'Stagonopleura guttata'
Sundew 'Drosera' South Australia
Striated Pardalote 'Pardalotus striatus'
Koala, 'Phascolarctos cinereus'
Ground shield bug 'Choerocoris paganus' on native gum,
Eucalyptus blossoms
Kangaroos, mother and joey
White water lillies 'Nymphaeaceae caerulea'
Swamp wallaby 'Wallabia bicolor' close-up


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