Tyrrell Mendis: Photographer Portfolio Stock Images

Skyline of Manhattan Island, New York, USA in 1967 -1
Wood Lilies (Lilium Philadelphicum)
Spiral Staircase, Singapore
Skydiver in Manitoba, Canada
Mural Painter, Mexico
Rocks covered by a coat of ice, Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Frosted Forest
Domestic Longhair
Ice Orchid
Gathering Place
Schoolgirls in Cairo
Water-worn Rock
Worm’s eye view inside the polygonal wood-framed spire, Man
Dead tree and travertine, Mammoth Hot Spings, Yellowstone
Church of Christ, Carman, Manitoba, Canada
Pompey’s Pillar, Montana, USA
Canadair CF-104D Starfighter, Hamilton Airport, Mount Hope,
Fishing in the Lijiang River, Guilin, China
Elphinstone Hall, Kings College, Old Aberdeen Campus,
Tholos, sanctuary of Athena Pronaia (Marmaria), Delphi,
Mural, Lama Temple, Beijing, China
Venetian glassware on display in Murano, Italy
Woman's Smile - Detail
Personal watercraft in Thai waters


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