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My passion is for documenting our cultural and natural heritage with an eye for a detail, pattern and the effects of light. Architecture, country towns, gardens and National Parks are favourites.

I travel frequently and have a photo library of images of those little gems found off the main road. I mostly shoot digital now but still enjoy working with my large format camera for architectural assignments.

I enjoy collaborating with clients on book projects and design of interiors.

Qualifications & Experience
A retired architect and project manager by profession with 45+ years experience in photography. I work with clients to ensure their needs are met. My architectural skills combine with photography to design theatrette and gallery environments. I design lighting and photo display for interiors.

My depth of experience is with documentary photography based on subject research. I seek stunning fine art shots and I have published several books.

Other Interests:
Photography neatly links into my enjoyment of travel, bush walking and visiting open gardens. I also enjoy observing our changes to the environment and legacy of heritage from rock art to towns and cities.

The digital workflow absorbs me with a special interest in the application of Photoshop, a service I provide for others. The theory and practice of photography has always interested me and I enjoy teaching and providing presentations to interested people.

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