Doris Miocinovic: Freelance Photographer Honolulu

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Photographer Work Description
I enjoy animating and photographing people, especially children and families; nature with focus on beaches, ocean, sunrise/sunsets and agriculture; food; architecture and travel destinations; and athletics in natural/outdoor light. I use minimum equipment and maximize available conditions, enjoy close-up and candid photography, and like to experiment.

Qualifications & Experience
Acquired formal university level training: Art of Photography & Physics of Photography. Assisted and coordinated photo shoots, officially exhibited, and taught posing. Experienced with internet, digital imaging, computers, business consulting and market studes.

Other Interests:
My interests include volleyball, hiking, scuba diving, acting, home improvement, music, visual arts, finance, business and strategic planning and consulting (I get introduced to wide variety of industries this way), traveling, agriculture, environment and nature conservation.

Contact Details

Honolulu  Hawaii  96816

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Phone: +1-808-255-4440 (BH)
Phone: +1-808-734-2498 (AH)
Mobile: +1-808-255-4440

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