Heather Farish: Freelance Photographer Kathmandu

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My focus is on travel photography, both Australian and international, including landscapes, architecture, people, nature, close-ups, waterscapes, culture, flowers, nature, animals and food. I particularly like the challenge to take candid photos of people in their everyday environment.

Qualifications & Experience
An experienced photographer with an eye for what the market wants, I have had more than 100 travel articles and accompanying photographs published in Australian and international newspapers and magazines. I have also contributed text and photographs to Australian science textbooks.

Other Interests:
My interest in travel and learning about the world have led me to live and work overseas. Leaving Australia, my first stop was Fiji, then Morocco, Bangladesh and at present I am in Nepal. This gives me the opportunity to experience these countries at a greater depth and hopefully gain a better understanding, which I can then transfer to my photography.

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Mobile: (977)9813853096

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