Lars-Olof Nilsson: Freelance Photographer Jonkoping

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Editorial, commercial and stock photography, RM only. Images mainly with a human touch: families, children, work, leisure, beaches, people, travel, education, relationships, culture, conceptual, etc. Europe, particularly Sweden, Italy, Croatia, Slovenia, Germany, UK. USA: California, Death Valley, Utah, Las Vegas.

Qualifications & Experience
I am a part-time freelance with my own firm, founded in 1990. I am self-taught in photography, but I have taken two university courses, Digital Imaging and Photography – Visual Communication. My photographic library includes both theory and practice from Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag to Martin Evening and George Barr.

Other Interests:
Apart from photography, my interests include music (I play the oboe in a band), languages (I am a copy-editor and translator), intercultural communication and understanding, travelling, trekking and climbing the Alps in southern Europe.

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Jonkoping  Jonkoping County  

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Mobile: +46 704 167600

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