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Photographer Work Description
I work on what i have available at the moment. Sometimes I work with taking portfolio pictures for new models, sometimes conferences and events. But i love to take nature and location especially while travelling.
Best of all is working with natural light, especially for portraits.

A note on my web page, it is new and unfinished. So there is a limited selection of photos there for the moment.

Qualifications & Experience
I am mostly self trained. I worked a little together with a photographer in studio, but since I have another main profession I work mostly alone. I am self trained gradually over about 5 years, but slowly. I am a student in multicam tv production producer so i do work with pictures everyday, and as in this work i always look for the picture that best tells the stories.

Other Interests:
My main interests are travel and see new places. I love to capture the beauty of nature and to make the experience as vivid in the photograph as in reality. Working with how to make the viewer feel something close to what I felt as I took the picture.
People photos are interesting to me as they appeal to the many various sides of us and what we are attracted to. Also our ability to see ourself and recognise situations through others.

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LILLEHAMMER  Lillehammer  2624

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Phone: 0047 45 800 898 (BH)
Mobile: 0047 45 800 898

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