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Clive started photography at a very young age when analog was 'in'. In fact, it is all there was! He can remember that anxious wait to get the trannies or negs back from the lab, to see what the shots looked like.

Fortunately, in our current times, photography is more immediate and this is reflected in his level of creativity.

Clive's love of photography extends to landscape, wildlife, HDR, travel and people and portraits images.

He is available for commissions, anywhere!

Qualifications & Experience
Clive is totally self taught, and exhibits boundless enthusiasm for each and every shoot he undertakes.

There is a drive to reflect that moment in time, in a unique and creative way, that accurately depicts the scene or subject as he saw it.

Other Interests:
Clive is a Formula One fanatic and would dearly love to encompass this passion into his photography (hint, hint!!).

Living in Africa, he has a wonder for wildlife and being in the bush. There is nothing more exhilarating than waking up to an African sunrise.

Travel is another burning passion and Clive loves to travel to remote areas of his country, South Africa, as well as the globe in search of the interesting and unknown. He has a love of learning and experiencing new and unknown cultures.

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Sandton  Gauteng  

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Mobile: +27834377674

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