Deanna E Palmer: Freelance Photographer Orange

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Lifestyle and Travel Photography.
I am a lifestyle and travel photographer with a passion for capturing memorable moments. My work is the result of a curious mind, a love for food, family, nature, undiscovered places and exploited places viewed with a fresh perspective. My craft is less about what you see, and more about how you see it. I hope my images inspires something in the people who see it and it is enjoyed as much as an end product as when it was captured.

Qualifications & Experience
Lifestyle and Travel Photography.
Courses with Rowan Bestmann, Award winning industrial photographer.
Diploma of photography at the Australian College. (Distinction and High Distinction)
I am a Freelance Photographer based in Orange NSW, within close proximity to Sydney. I am comfortable conversing with people from all backgrounds and cultures. I specialise in Stock images, People, Birds, Wildlife, Lifestyle, Still Life, Landscapes and more...

Other Interests:
Lifestyle and Travel Photography.
Family, food and photography are my passion.
I love to get out and explore and discover new places.
I Love to travel and find it fascinating to see how other cultures live, experience their food and learn new things.
To me, photography is about savouring life. A moment caught on camera is a beautiful thing - it is unique, and it can never be recreated.

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Orange  NSW  2800

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Mobile: +61 437 892 072

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