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I started out as a wildlife photographer, and this kind of photography is still growing on me. My main interest is bird and macro photography. I love photographing all kind of birds; small as well as raptors. As for macro, insects and flowers are what I love to immortalize. But come to think of it, all animals are a joy to photograph. I love nature for what it has to offer; and I am lucky enough to live in Canada, where this kind of photography is easily accessible.

Qualifications & Experience
I'm an artist who always enjoyed many forms of art. Four years now I've been a professional photographer, and I never get tired of it. I am giving private photography courses, and has spoken to different photography clubs. I have seen some of my photos published by two magasines, and one chosen as a finalist by National Geographic. I love the artistic point of view of photography, it is a great supplement to my acting and directing career. I guess it is all about vision.

Other Interests:
A little more about myself; it is hard to come up with special interests when your passions in life are photography, acting and movie making. My passions are all about creating a unique moment; whether on film or photo, and there is nothing tedious about that. Horseback riding is also something I really enjoy, especially during winter time. Then again, this is just another great exercise to appreciate what nature has to offer.

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