Shirley A Lannoo: Freelance Photographer Cypress River

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I am a long time photographer residing on Manitoba prairies with hundreds of hours in the field photographing everything and anything of interest. Portfolio includes animals, birds, plants, landscapes & structures (all seasons). I have traveled extensively throughout Canada (all ten provinces and the Yukon), Alaska, and the lower forty-eight. For my fiftieth birthday I backpacked Europe for six in hand.

Qualifications & Experience
I Started in 1960 in film. Eventually I did darkroom work but graduated to digital images both camera and digital darkroom (Photoshop). My work entitled "The Spice of Life" has been exhibited at the Tiger Hills Art Centre in Holland, Mb. (for which I won a grant from Manitoba Arts Council) and at Riding Mountain National Park. I am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).

Other Interests:
I am attracted to precision instruments of which the camera has always been my favourite. I learned on manual film cameras in the days when we had to understand f-stops, aperture, etc.
Building computers is another passion. This has brought me many happy hours with bright young people comparing motherboards, cpu's, ram, etc. Geeks are my heroes.
I am a lover of nature, history and learning. My motto is,"There is not time in all of this world, in which to learn of all in this world.

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P.O. Box 96
Cypress River  Manitoba  R0K0P0

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Phone: 204 743-2010 (BH)