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I work mostly in landscape but I am proficient in most forms of photography, I have a range of images from seascapes, oceanscapes , rivers, creeks, waterfalls, countryside, bush, I like to use long exposures with water and cloud movement , I work mainly in the Shoalhaven and the Illawarra and also Sydney, I am just as happy in the urban environment as in the country, panoramics are also a favorite of mine,

Qualifications & Experience
I am mostly self taught but just completed flash photography course which is something i want to get into, I have also completed adult education courses and a correspondence course, I started out in photography about 15 years ago, using film then Fugi Velvia, and eventually digital, over the years i have sold a lot of my work through the internet and working my local markets , I have been self employed most of my life so I am used to getting things done and working with people and customers.

Other Interests:
For many years i was a very keen surfer, I don't get out so much now but when I do I really enjoy it, also for about 15 years I was involved with my local soccer club, from being on the commitee to coaching from juniors to senior and at a higher level reps, something the coaching helped me with was how to manage people and try to keep everyone happy , not an easy job, but if you can keep most people happy your doing well.

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5 Haddin rd
Flinders  NSW  2529

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Phone: 0242968257 (AH)
Mobile: 0418235833

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