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Nature and Wildlife
Nature and Wildlife most of my interests fall in documentation of an animal or bird a lot of my Images are used for educational purposes this is mostly because of my obsession with long lenses!
I can narrow this down a little from when I was young I would read magazines like Field & Stream and Outdoor Life what interested me the most was the pictures most were paintings! But those paintings could make you feel as if you were there forests and the smell of fall leaves pheasants, quail, deer and such I believe this is why I photograph the way I do.

Qualifications & Experience
My background is in manufacturing and sporting equipment research & development I used photography to show proto types and document procedures.
I started photographing in the early eighty's and most of my training is self-taught and from a friend who is a commercial Photographer.

Other Interests:
From a young age fishing would consume my mind fly fishing in particular! First learning how to tie your own flies and then the challenge of trying to fool the fish you were after, this is one of the reasons I picked up the camera because of the wildlife I watched along the trout streams. Most of rivers I fished were in the western United States this was probably the best education a young kid could get and this is where you will find me with a camera today along the same streams.

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