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The subjects I photograph vary, but my most common shots are winter scenes, anything travel-related, cultural artifacts. natural landscapes, and street scenes (not necessarily in that order). As I just moved back to Canada, after living for ten years in China, I have a fair number of Asian themed photos. If the light is right and the textures are interesting, the cameras is out.
What kind of work do I prefer? A lot depends on what's around me, but anything that gets me outside and wandering with a camera is ideal. I love travelling and being outdoors in general, and that has a huge influence on the type of photos I take. For this reason, it's not surprising that I feel most comfortable shooting natural scenes, landscape and botanicals, but I enjoy experimenting. I also love black and white photography.
I would describe my photography as a hunt for light, for contrast, for rich moments or imagery. I like the idea of capturing a moment, or the esse

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I have been taking photos for over three decades, but have only gotten really serious about it in the last few years. I am an educator by trade and for the past ten years I have been working in private International schools in China. While I am a history teacher by training, I have a bit of an art background which led me to teaching a few art courses. That then led to teaching a media arts course with High School students for the past three years of which basic photography is a big part of the curriculum. And if you teach it, you can easily get sucked into it. Living overseas lends itself to easily accessing lots of interesting subjects. I have recently returned to North America, but find I've somehow become seriously addicted to taking photos.

Other Interests:
Hiking, travelling, media, art, chess, writing, sea kayaking

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