Mariela M de Jong: Freelance Photographer Middelburg

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Currently, I am creating photographs that include raw food, as fruit. My mum has her own allotment where we grow different fruits and veggies. That way I get to capture for instant blackberries still growing in its natural environment and after, when they are havested and ready to eat. I always have to be carefull because before I know someone has grabbed the delicous food/fruit and eaten it. I like to make photo's of fruit because they are so yummy and look so beautifull each in its own way. Besides, I want to get as many images of healthy snacks out there so people make a switch and eat less processed snacks which are unhealthy and serve no good for our body and mind. I know it's difficult but it is possible.

Qualifications & Experience
No training. Hands on experience 4 - 5 years.

Other Interests:
Well, apart from photography I love to travel , discover new places, meet new people, taste foreign foods.

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marieladejongphotography/healty snaps
Pieter Duvelaer van Campenstraat 8
Middelburg  Zeeland  4336AS

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Mobile: +31620455579