Mariela M de Jong: Freelance Photographer Middelburg

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I really love to capture flowers (nature) and take portrait shots op people. Apart from that I take alot of images while traveling to different countries.

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In 2014 I fell in love with the photo's from a photoshoot including me and my cousin taken by a photographer with a DSLR camera. So, I had to buy one two! What really caught me was actually the separation between the subject (model) and background. First started in auto mode and slowly started shooting carefully in manual mode as well.
I would describe my style of photography as colorfull however also tent sometimes to convert my photo's to black and white for a more dramatic feel which I love. I try to keep my photo's as realistic as possible and even though I don't work with a macro lens I do like to get close to my subject, especially when I'm shooting flowers.

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marieladejongphotography/healty snaps
Pieter Duvelaer van Campenstraat 8
Middelburg  Zeeland  4336AS

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Mobile: +31620455579