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Frequently Asked New Photographer Questions

I'm not a Professional Photographer?

Good news... we don't require previous business experience. As long as you shoot strong, interesting images and your attitude is totally professional, we'll work with you and get you up to speed on the business of selling your photography ASAP.

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That's OK too. Even if you're not quite ready to start selling your photography, the information in our Photographer's Area will help you identify any areas you need to work on so you can come back later and submit a Membership Application when you are ready.

Why is your Photographer's Area private?

We do things quite differently to the mainstream libraries and while we're happy to share our ideas & strategies with photographers, registration limits search engine access and ensures interested photographers come here and get the most current information!

Will It Work For Me?

We already have amazing photographers working in almost any field or location you can imagine, so chances are this is already working for someone very much like you. Your best option though, is simple to submit an application and find out for sure.

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