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GlobalEye offers a complete photography business system that includes stock library representation, personal websites and comprehensive marketing & business tools. We've been offering these services by subscription since 1998. Some of our original photographer-members are still with us and many more have been with us over 10 year.

This all makes the GlobalEye Partner Program very attractive option for affiliate marketers.

Our partners earn recurring income from Member Subscriptions, and every referral you make is your customer for life.

We use a 90-day cookie to track your referrals, then once they register for free, we flag them as your referral, so even if the prospect doesn't start with us straight way, when they do make a start, you get credited with the sale and earn your commission for as long as they stay with us.

GlobalEye Partner Program Terms & Conditions

Please review the details below carefully before proceeding...

By Continuing You Confirm That You Have Read & Agreed To these Terms & Conditions

For those who do skim the fine-print, here's the most important points in large-print!

DO NOT SPAM. We have a zero-tolerance policy for spam. If we get complaints, your account will be canceled and your commissions forfeit.

DO NOT REFER YOURSELF. If you join the program in an attempt to earn a commission on your own subscription, your account will be cancelled and your commissions forfeit.

DO NOT BE MISLEADING. This is a professional business package that requires real time and effort to generate results. If you misrepresent it as instant or easy, your account will be canceled and your commissions forfeit.

DO PROMOTE TO EXPERIENCED PHOTOGRAPHERS Acceptance into GlobalEye is by application only.

We review all applications carefully to ensure the photographer has the skills and experience to make this work. If you promote to inexperienced photographers, you are wasting everybody's time... yours, theirs and ours...

You will do much better if you promote to experienced photographers who are in a position to make good use of our services. When those people join, they will stay with us long-term, and you'll earn commissions for as long as they do!

IF IN DOUBT, ASK!. Most of this should be common sense, but if you have any questions at all, please just ask. We're looking to embark on a long term and mutually profitable partnership here, so please ensure nothing you do devalues or misrepresents our services, or misleads or annoys your prospects.

DO USE THE CORRECT LINKING FORMAT. Because of our application process, the standard JVZoo links will NOT track all your referrals properly. Make sure you always use the format we'll show you on the next page!

If you've read and agreed to all that, please enter your first name and best email address below. You'll then be directed to our Partner Tools page, where you can grab your linking codes and get started!

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